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About Focused Choice Dog Training LLC.
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Heather Royer- Head Trainer and Owner of Focused Choice Dog Training LLC, Lynchburg, Virginia

It is hard to imagine life without a dog in it!

“As a child, I grew up working with horses spending most of my free time at the barn riding, training and showing. My sister and I both had ponies and enjoyed ring work (jumping, barrel racing, etc.) and running in the woods and fields. As we got older, my sister changed her direction to dog agility training and I also became interested in learning more about how dogs think. I believe my teaching style is animated and entertaining with a focus on having fun with your dog. My goal is not only to teach your dog but also to teach you about how dogs think and learn.”

Heather lives in Lynchburg with her husband, Bruce, and Goldendoodle, Jax.

Heather is dedicated to using methods that are humane and effective. She subscribes to the “LIMA” training philosophy, which means she has a commitment to use the “Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive” methods and techniques that will be effective for each client. All dogs and their situations are different, but all dogs follow the laws of learning, and Heather is dedicated to using positive reinforcement techniques. Heather is constantly expanding her knowledge by attending conferences and continuing her education with courses that touch on a wide variety of topics in the animal field.

Education & Training

  • CPDT-KA Certification (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed)
  • PMCT2 Pat Miller Certified Trainer Level #2 Certification: Required:  *Basic Training.  *Canine Behavior Behavior Modification Program  *Advanced Canine Training and Behavior Study and *Animal Cognition Academy. These were each 6 day, 45 hours hands-on training camp with rescue dogs and other dogs led by Pat Miller, certified dog behavior consultant, dog trainer, and author of six + books on dog training and behavior
  • Attended the  2021 Victoria Stilwell Academy Dog Behavior Conference -18 hours.
  • Certified through Canine Club Academy
  • Canine Principles Certification – Canine Behavioral Professional Diploma
  • Working towards CBCC-KA-advanced certification for dog trainers who offer canine behavior modification.

Heather started working for a breeder in 2018 who sells “trained” 5-month-old goldendoodles. She was contracted to take 3- 8-week-old puppies at a time boarding and training them for 3 months until they were sold and then would get 3 more 8-week-old puppies and repeat the process! This contract lasted for 2 years.

Her experience as a private trainer has been with many different ages and breeds, but she especially likes working with puppies!


Heather uses all force-free positive reinforcement training. She believes in creating a bonding, trusting, happy relationship between you and your dog.


When Heather takes a new canine student, she emails an information form for the owners to complete prior to the first appointment. She normally likes to meet with the dog and owner in their own setting as the dog is less distracted that way. She will discuss what is most important to create a good relationship between owner and dog, and then will work together to help the dog understand the cues. Heather emails a recap of each lesson so that the owners can work with their dog before the next lesson.

Focused Choice Dog Training Certificates

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Certified Professional Dog Traininer CCPDT Focused Choice Dog Training LLC Lynchburg, Virginia
Peaceable Paws Behavior Modification Training

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