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Private puppy preschool with focused choice dog training

For Puppies 8 Weeks to 6 Months Old


My Private Puppy Preschool Package gets your dog moving in the right direction. Puppies/Dogs 8 weeks old (and up) are welcome to participate in the puppy program, where the initial focus will be on potty training, crate training, basic house manners and beginning obedience. This program is perfect for giving young puppies a foundation that will benefit them for years to come. Single lessons or a 3-week package with 1/week home visits are available by appointment. Homework is given to work on before the next lesson.

Skills we work on with your new puppy:

  • SIT-To start off on the right “paw”! This behavior is a must to learn!
  • WATCH– One of the most important cues! Asking your dog to “look at you” and pay attention is the start for learning and growing.
  • WAIT-Teaching him impulse control and to wait before charging out the front door is an important safety behavior.
  • DOWN-This behavior lets you communicate to your dog where they should be and what they should be doing.
  • LEAVE IT/DROP IT- Being able to call your dog away from an item that you do not want them to have is important.
  • GO TO CRATE/PLACE-This is a fun cue and can be made into a game. It also teaches impulse control and focus.
  • Progression depends on the dog and results will vary.
  • And more!

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